Custom Floral Arrangements Delivered

Custom flower arrangements are our specialty. Please contact us 48 hours in advance. Often we're able to create an arrangement the day of, so don't hesitate to ask. Arrangements are designed according to your requests and what we have growing in our fields at the time. We utilize unique glass, natural wood, metal, mossed baskets, urns, and pottery style containers. You won't be disappointed! Fresh flower arrangements including delivery start at $75.00.
Custom flower arrangement with delivery

Foxtail Heart Wreath

Foxtail grasses are harvested on the farm late in the summer through fall. We hang the grasses to dry for two weeks. Heart shape, round and square 16" wreaths are made to order. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for your wreath to be hand made. Please note there will be some "shedding" of the wreath during shipment since Foxtail is filled with seeds. Each wreath is sprayed with hair spray to maintain its color and shape. A flat fee for packaging & shipping throughout the continental US is $30.00. Available late August through November.
Foxtail wreath 16"

Bottle Gourd Birdhouses

Bottle gourds are allowed to dry on the vines in our fields and are then harvested before the first frost.  Openings on each house are 1 1/2" diameter and will allow for finches, wrens, purple martins, and other song birds. Each house has drainage holes in the bottom and will come with a wire hanger attached at the top. The birdhouse gourds vary in size, but most are  10-12" tall and 6 - 8" across. Each one has been covered in a polyurethane coating to protect the gourd and artwork. Bottle gourd birdhouses are made to order and will take 1 - 2 weeks to prepare and ship.