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Our farm is located in Paris, Kentucky on 40 acres surrounded by Stoner Creek.  Our secluded acreage provides rich soils to grow ample fruits, flowers, vegetables,  and herbs. The land also supports a healthy lifestyle for our chickens and horses. Everything grown on our farm is nurtured without chemicals or pesticides and in most cases our seeds and plugs are certified organic. As the world's soils become depleted of much needed minerals and nutrients, so do our foods grown in those overworked soils. Here we work to enhance our soils with natural composts and soil balancing OMRI inputs in order to provide the most nutritious foods for our customers. Our number one goal is to be a steward of the land and leave it in a better condition than we found it. By doing so we will be providing the healthiest of fruits, vegetables, flowers, eggs, natural crafts and herbs for our customers.


For the 2023 season we can be found at the Winchester Clark County Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8 am - noon. Pickup of flowers, fruits and vegetables at the farm are available by appointment. Text Cindy at 859-707-4447.


Welcome to the Farm

Custom dried wreaths will be available in the fall of 2023.

We grow the majority of our fruits and vegetables from organic/heirloom seeds and plugs so we can all eat healthier.  We proudly utilize most of our own flowers for weddings and special occasions.

No harmful chemicals used on our crops, ever. Visitors and bridal consultations always welcome by appointment.

859-707-4447 or

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